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You can make a difference in the life of a European teenager this summer!

When we first moved to France, we remember the surprise of learning how few evangelical Christians and churches there are in Europe.

Because of this, opportunities like Christian summer youth camps are rare.

A Thousand Lives Changed
That’s why our friends, Chad and Dargan Phillips, founded iYouth Camp more than 20 years ago – so that European youth would have a place to experience Christian fellowship and an opportunity to grow in their spiritual walk.

Over the years, more than a thousand youth from Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and other European countries have attended iYouth Camp. Many accepted Christ, rededicated their lives or surrendered to full-time Christian ministry at this camp.

Today, this camp continues to change the lives of European youth every year.

You Can Make a Difference
This summer, you can make a difference in the lives of more than 75 teenagers who will attend iYouth Camp in Neustadt, Germany July 25-29.

For the sixth consecutive year, I’m serving on the iYouth Camp leadership team, helping with worship and teaching classes on creativity and worship.

Would you pray about making a sacrificial gift to train today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders in the European church?

Your gift of $50, $100 or more will provide hands-on training, encouragement and spiritual growth for these youth.

Here’s how you can train today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders!
Click here to make a contribution online through the [Cornerstone website and Paypal](

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