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Strengthening the Church in Belgium: You Transformed Melvin’s Frustration into Hope

Belgian native Melvin Tibackx, 25, has served in church worship ministry since he was 16.

A multi-instrumentalist, he not only leads worship, but also plays piano, guitar, and drums.

The churches in which Melvin has served consist of small congregations, often with 40 or fewer attending. And as much as he enjoys serving, he finds the limitations of small churches frustrating at times.

Melvin’s frustrations are not uncommon among those leading small European churches. We wanted you to hear his story, which illustrates the need for the training events that you make possible.

Thanks to You, Melvin Found Answers
“Like most Belgian churches, ours is relatively small with challenges in areas like sound and engineering, and a lack of mastery in playing instruments and singing,” he said. “And because we have families and jobs, we have less time to perfect our gifts and skills.”

Melvin came to ConVerge Brussels in March with these frustrations on his mind.

But thanks to you for making the training event possible, he found solutions to some of these challenges and was encouraged to dig deep for others.

“It was awesome to meet some experienced leaders and musicians who are skilled, humble, and generous with their time and knowledge,” he said. “ConVerge reminded me that there are solutions to our challenges and people who can help teams like ours.”

ConVerge was a Day Filled with Hope and Encouragement
Melvin realized that he and his fellow team members need to make time to learn and practice more and work toward mastery of their gifts.

He was also inspired to consider organizing workshops for his team so that they could learn how to use the Nashville number system, run sound properly, and play better as a team.

“ConVerge was a day filled with hope and encouragement,” said Melvin. “I look forward to the next one!”

Melvin is married to Eliisa and works as a translator for a governmental institution in Brussels.

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