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Meet the Immerse 2018 Teaching Team

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work going on in preparation for our second Immerse Worship Camp in Belgium this summer. We’ve been working on our theme, content and schedule as well as recruiting our teaching team.

This year, our teaching team comes from the United States, Europe and Australia and consists of:

  • Robert, Donna and Andrew Marshall; and Scott and Hazel Graves, all from Salt Lake City, Utah;
  • David and Angie Ebensberger, (and daughter Phoebe) of Cincinnati, Ohio (former worship pastors of Lifepoint Church in Brussels.);
  • Jim and Anne Mills of Creative Arts Europe, Belgium.
  • Zach Lowrie, of Dallas (former worship pastor of Brussels Christian Center);
  • Angela Greenwood, Spanish coordinator of the European Worship Institute.
  • Nicholas Blasband, Allyster Taubeneck and Samuel Rabbat, of Belgium.
  • A creative team from Operation Mobilisation in Brussels, led by Matt Swanton of Australia;

Three translators: Jonathan Saporito, Annayiz Goutier and Benjamin Cailleau, all from Belgium.

I’m so excited to have these teachers and translators on board with Immerse.  What a blessing they will be to the participants!

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