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Worship Leader’s Mastermind Continues

Members of our Worship Leader’s Mastermind group in Belgium, Sweden, The Netherlands, France and Spain are continuing to meet once a month for training, encouragement and prayer.

Here’s what some of our members say about the Mastermind:

“I am really thankful for the Worship Leader’s Mastermind initiative. I’ve been attending the zoom sessions from the beginning and I have to say that I got to learn a lot so far.

I like the fact that we can meet people from different parts of Europe and beyond on a regular basis and get different perspectives on worship ministry, share experiences, concerns, and help each other. We are also blessed to have experienced worship leaders as guests who presents each time different facets of worship ministry.

Each session has been so inspiring and enriching, and I was able to implement some of the ideas I got out of these meetings. I would definitely recommend this tool to anybody involved in worship ministry.

Thanks a lot Jeff for this opportunity.”

Antonella Constanza, worship pastor/children’s pastor of Brussels Christian Center


“In a day when information is abundant and readily accessible, I am always in search of a strategic, practical, and relational opportunity to grow and refine my ministry skills.

The Worship Leader’s Mastermind, developed and hosted by Jeff Slaughter, provides an invaluable experience that includes high quality mentors who deposit rich wisdom and practical advice while in a highly relational and interactive forum.

As a pastor of more than 10 years and leading worship for more than 20 years—I am able to glean from the high quality leaders who share and participate.

I give my highest recommendation for this incredible opportunity!

Joel VanBriggle, pastor of Redefined Church, Tervuren, Belgium


“It has been very interesting to meet people from so many different countries, which face the same struggles, have the same kind of questions, and have been through similar experiences. Some older, some younger, giving different perspectives about each topic.

We’ve talked about creativity when it comes to music, how to organize a team, how important is to build connection with one another, how to relate to your lead Pastor, practical ideas for rehearsals etc. We had different guests, that would come and share their own knowledge.

It’s been enriching to get to know these people. It’s true that most of us don’t know each other very well, but even just for one hour and half you can share your burdens with them, as well as things you’ve learned and just hear each other out and try to find solutions together!

It’s not a group made of professionals that have everything figured out, with magical solutions and perfect ideas, but instead is just normal people, like you and I, that go through good times and as well as frustrating ones while being part of the worship ministry.

God created community and made it very clear how importante it is. FEIC Worship Leader’s Mastermind has been that for me, a new community, where I found an avenue to share and learn.”

Mariana Luz, The Bridge International Church, Paris, France




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