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We’re Going Worship Camping!

One of my dreams for the European Worship Institute has been to offer more intensive training opportunities.

This summer I have two such opportunities:
* The iYouth Camp in Germany, where I’ll teach piano and voice workshops to European youth.
* Immerse 2017 in Brussels, the first worship training camp organized by the Worship Institute.

What  love about camps is that you can do so much more in a few days than just one. Camps are great for going deep:

  • Instructionally: The better we get to know our students, the more we can help them. We can address specific needs and go deep with one-on-one instruction that can help them overcome weaknesses and challenges
  • Spiritually: Through morning worship and devotion sessions, small group sessions and evening encouragement services, students can leave spiritually refreshed and better spiritually-equipped to lead their congregations in worship.
  • Relationally: Camps provide an atmosphere for relationship-building. Hearts and dreams are shared over coffee, meals, recreation and prayer; giving students an opportunity to build each other up and forge new friendships.These are just three reasons I love the worship camp experience! Please pray for us as we work toward these summer ministry opportunities to sow into the lives of Europeans.Photo Caption:

    Our location for Immerse 2017 is Continental Theological Seminary just west of Brussels. CTS offers a great location with provision for meals and lodging as well as workshops, general sesions and recreational fun.

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