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2022 Financial Goals: 15k/Ministry Budget, 1K/Monthly

Introducing ‘Elevate Europe’

This year we named our new church planting ministry project, ‘Elevate Europe’. But we’ve grown to like the name so much that we think it should occupy a larger place.

As we’ve thought about our ministry in Europe, we’ve come to realize that ‘Elevate Europe’ is an appropriate description of our entire ministry rather than just one project. Plus, it communicates our vision more clearly than our longstanding moniker of ‘ChezSlaughter’ which we’ve used for many years as our website and newsletter name.

The goal of our mission is to support the European church as she works to recover ground lost through centuries of mind traps set by the enemy’s hooligan philosophers, secularists and post-modernists. And now with the rapid growth of Islam in Europe via immigration and increasing conversions of the disenchanted, the church must learn to stand stronger than ever. So to keep the focus of our mission front and center, we’re renaming our website and ministry newsletter ‘Elevate Europe’.

The name evokes a reminder to lift Europe in prayer: to ask God to touch this continent with revival fire once again; and to strengthen His church for the days ahead. The name also reflects our mission of working with – and lifting up – church planters and church leaders across Europe.

To avoid confusion, we’ll name our church planting projects after the city in which we are working. So our current ‘Elevate Europe’ project becomes ‘Elevate Milan’. We think that works.

Note: Renaming our website and newsletter does not affect the name of the 501c3 that receives our funding. That remains ‘Cornerstone International’. We’ll only use ‘Elevate Europe’ for communications purposes.

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