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Immerse 2020 Serves 54 Leaders in 10 Nations

Immerse 2020 Virtual Worship Camphosted 54 participants from 10 countries and six time zones over July 1-3.

Streams in the Wasteland Ministry, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, served on the Immerse 2020 team as teachers and workshop presenters.

Through this event:
* We provided nine hours of live bi-lingual worship, workshops and preaching as well as 15 hours of bi-lingual pre-recorded sessions.
* 24 teachers from the USA, Belgium and Spain were involved in the live and pre-recorded teaching sessions.
* One band in Utah and two worship leaders in Belgium pre-recorded bi-linguarl worship.
* And three translators in Belgium worked tirelessly to make sure all sessions were bi-linguarl.

No doubt, it was one of our most challenging events ever, but so worth it!

Eager participants showed up early and stayed late.

* Participants joined from all over Europe including: Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Belgium, Ireland and the United Kingdom.
* A worship team from Morocco joined.
* And most encouraging of all, a worship team in The Philippines stayed up almost all night to be with us!

Robert Marshall, director of Streams in the Wasteland Ministries in Salt Lake City, Utah, co-preached at Immerse 2020 with friend Keith Radke.

We could not have reached leaders in these 11 countries had we not done a virtual event – so we’re happy that we could serve these precious saints God brought to us.

The pre-recorded breakout sessions are available for you to view on our website.

You can find them here:

Thursday Breakouts

Friday Breakouts

Thank you for your prayers and support for this event.

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