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An Optimistic Look at 2021

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking with leaders, conducting surveys and praying about 2021 ministry projects.

Although it’s impossible to know how 2021 will unfold, we are taking an optimistic approach and moving ahead with a schedule of spring virtual events and planning to put feet on the ground in Europe this summer for live training events and other ministry opportunities.

Please see the images and captions below to see what ministry projects God has laid on our hearts for 2021.

We will keep you posted as these projects – and others – develop.

Worship Leader’s Mastermind
Our Worship Leaders Mastermind is still going strong. Leaders regularly join our monthly Zoom calls from Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Spain. We plan to continue the mastermind as a source of encouragement and training.

Digital Media Mastermind
We sent a survey to a number of European international church pastors and heard back from churches in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Austria, Spain and the Czech Republic – all expressing a need for training in the area of digital media. We’re working on a training format and schedule, and will launch this new initiative soon.

Elevate Portugal
For several months I’ve been recording weekly worship videos for Life Church Lisbon to use in their online services. I plan to continue this as long as they need the help and eventually serve the church in person when travel resumes.

Immerse Virtual Reunion
We’re planning a virtual reunion gathering this spring for Immerse Worship Camp alumni. Since we did not get to meet ‘live’ last summer, we feel that it would be helpful to connect on Zoom to worship together, hear an encouraging message, and reveal our 2021 theme.

ConVerge 2021
We’re talking with a pastor friend in Morocco about holding a virtual ConVerge this spring for the Moroccan church. We’re also hoping to plan live ConVerges in October once travel has re-opened.
We’re due for ‘make up’ ConVerges in Morocco, Italy and Spain and hope to return to Germany, The Netherlands and Portugal.

Immerse Camp 2021
We’re planning to be in Belgium in July for the 5th anniversary of Immerse Worship Camp! We have our venue booked, our theme chosen and are assembling our teaching team.

iYouth Camp
We were planning to be in Germany in July for our 5th year of teaching at iYouth Camp. But due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID, the iYouth team had to make a decision months ahead and cancel the reservation for the camp venue. This year, the camp will be a combined live/virtual event in which individual church youth groups will meet in Belgium, Germany and Italy for live activities and participate in virtual sessions with camp leaders and teachers.

FEIC Summit 2021
We’re planning to be back in Europe in the fall for this event for which Jeff serves on the admin team.

Koinonia Worship Piano
We’re planning another multi-week session of virtual worship piano training this spring through Koinonia Worship Piano. This training is offered to worship pianists in Europe and conducted via Zoom.

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