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You put a song in David’s heart!

It’s been nine months since last summer’s iYouth Camp … but stories are still coming in about lives in which you made a difference!

I thought it would make your day to hear this story about a 14-year-old Ukrainian boy named David.

He Never Smiled
David was a shy teenager from Kiev, Ukraine who was saddened by his parents’ recent divorce.

“The thing I remember most about David when I met him was that he never smiled,” said Maksym Hyrb, one of the Ukrainian youth workers.

He Was Like Another Boy!
At camp, David joined a small group, made new friends, and attended evening services.

And because you made worship training sessions possible at iYouth Camp, David was able to join the worship choir. He even stepped out of his comfort zone to play a violin solo for the choir’s performance during the final evening of camp.

This was huge for him! And with newfound confidence, he began to smile.

“On our way back to Ukraine, David was like another boy,” said Maksym. “He was talking, joking and laughing with the other boys. He even played his violin in our church service. It was heart-warming to see his transformation!”

Thank You!
Thank you for putting a song in David’s heart and a smile on his face!

You made a difference in the life of a 14-year-old Ukrainian boy on the other side of the world.

Thank you for that!

You can see the video of David playing his solo with the iYouth Camp Worship choir by clicking here. David begins playing at 1:20 into the song.

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