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You Helped Kakoma Move Forward in Faith

Kakoma Chinyama leaned forward as Zuzia, a speaker at ConVerge Morocco, shared about a personal crisis in her life: an experience which led her to know God the Father and trust Him for provision.

Just months before, Kakoma had gone through a personal crisis of his own. In fact, he was still struggling with the aftermath.

But thanks to friends like you, ConVerge Morocco helped Kakoma move forward in faith.

We wanted you to hear his story.

It Was All Just Religion
In 2016, Kakoma moved to Tangiers, Morocco from his home country of Zambia. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in law and works as a corporate associate at a leading legal firm in Morocco.

Although Kakoma was active in the Adventist church, he admits he was not yet a Christian. “It was all just religion,” he says. I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

That changed when he was born again on August 8, 2017. Two months later, he joined the worship team of Tangier International Protestant Church and served there until moving to Casablanca in 2021. Today, he serves on the team of the Casablanca International Protestant Church.

A Great Experience
Kakoma was one of more than 80 from Casablanca, Tangiers and Marrakesh who attended the worship training event held in Casablanca.

“The encouragement I received during Zuzia’s session helped me continue moving forward in faith to trust God in my life and ministry,” said Kakoma. “And the ConVerge team-building workshop was a great experience. As a leadership enthusiast, it helped me learn the importance of good communication and how a team is made of people with different personalities who must learn to work together. I am very thankful that the ConVerge team comes to Morocco.”

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Living Here Requires Great Faith
Kakoma says that life in Morocco is not easy – especially for those coming from African countries such as Zambia.
“I have had bananas thrown at me, spit on, and been the object of mocking gestures,” he says. “Living here requires great faith to surmount the obstacles.”

This is why the church and worship team family in Casablanca are so important to Kakoma.

“In the midst of these challenges, the church serves as a community of support and assurance of peace,” he says. “Even though we come from different backgrounds, we share the common experience of faith in Jesus Christ and citizenship in heaven.”

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