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2023 Budget: $85,000
Pledged: $64,600
Remainder needed: $20,400



We’re going back to Europe in October!

Kathy and I excited to announce that we’re going back to Europe in October!

Jeff’s last trip to Europe was February, 2020 for scheduled events in Milan, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Morocco – when all but one event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

During the pandemic, we’ve taken ministry online: organizing worship training events and monthly masterminds for worship leaders and digital media leaders, teaching worship piano lessons, and leading virtual worship sessions for churches in Belgium, Italy and Portugal!

We’re thankful for the ministry God opened online, but we’re ready to add face-to-face on-the-ground back into the mix!

Next month, we’ll be in Belgium and Austria for ministry events plus meetings with churches, ministry colleagues and ministry partners in Belgium, The Netherlands and France.

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