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Volunteer Spotlight: “Working with the European Worship Institute Has Changed My Life”

By Angela Greenwood

Little did I know that meeting Jeff and Kathy Slaughter in 2002 would change my life.

But it was the beginning of a relationship that has strengthened hundreds of leaders throughout Europe.

My involvement began when Jeff asked me to organize a training event in Barcelona, Spain.

That invitation was a confirmation of what God had been stirring in my heart – for I knew that Spanish worship teams needed more training, equipping and support.

Through my work with the Slaughters and the European Worship Institute (EWI):
• I have learned that when leaders connect, healing and growth often follow.
• I have seen training events empower leaders with new skills while instilling confidence in existing skills.
• And I’ve watched leaders take the next steps in their ministries and leadership.

**EWI Events Create Space for Leaders**
Since organizing the Barcelona event, my involvement with the Slaughters and EWI has deepened.

“Through my involvement with the European Worship Institute, I’ve served as the assistant director of Immerse Worship Camp.”

Over the past eight years I have:
• Organized in-person and online training events in the Andalusian region of Spain
• Served as the assistant director of Immerse Worship Camp in Brussels
• And served on ConVerge teaching teams in Germany, Morocco, Spain and Portugal.

I love to see leaders and team members better equipped – both spiritually and practically. EWI events make that possible by creating space for leaders to grow, dream and hear from God.

**Volunteering with EWI Has Changed My Life and Ministry**
Through my work with the Slaughters and EWI, I am fulfilling a lifelong call to train, network and strengthen leaders in the European church.

Volunteering with EWI has truly changed my life and ministry. I am a stronger leader and my impact is greater.

I’m so thankful to be part of EWI and excited to see what God will do with this ministry in the future!

_Angela’s full-time mission is serving on staff of All Nations Christian Fellowship in El Puerto de Santa Maria in the Andalusian region of Spain._

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