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Volunteer Spotlight: Annayiz Goutier

When we first met Annayiz Goutier in 2007, little did we know that she would become one of the most faithful and longstanding volunteers of the European Worship Institute. Today, 15 years later, Annayiz continues to serve at our training events in Belgium.

We want to give you a chance to get to know her too.

The Louisiana Connection
We first met Annayiz during a choir rehearsal at Brussels Christian Center. We connected with her immediately as she had just returned from a 4-year assignment teaching French immersion classes in our home state of Louisiana. Soon, Annayiz joined the EWI team as a bi-lingual volunteer, serving at training events where she welcomed, interacted with, and translated for French speakers.

“I was so excited to join the volunteer team of the Worship Institute,” she said. “I believe in the vision of investing in worship leaders.”

God Gave Me This Desire
Although Annayiz was born and raised in Brussels, her parents are originally from Haiti, and she learned English as a second language.

“I can’t explain my desire at a young age to learn English, except that perhaps God gave me this desire, knowing it would open doors,” she says. “I have a heart for translation because I want nothing to be lost due to language limitations. I often pray that God would enable me to communicate with the dynamic equivalent of the message in French.”

A Resource for Students for Christ
Annayiz has an education degree and has taught elementary students in Belgium as well as the United States. But today, she is a full-time missionary, serving as national director of Students for Christ in Belgium.

“After many years of serving as a volunteer, the Worship Institute now serves as a resource for Students for Christ,” says Annayiz. “For example, this summer, we were blessed to have Jeff give a workshop at our Europe Student Training Conference in Germany.”

We Need These Connections
As someone who launches and builds Christian student groups on university campuses, it pains Annayiz to see worship leaders in Belgium who feel isolated.

“We have very few training opportunities for worship leaders here,” she says. “Worship Institute events offer leaders opportunities to share challenges, receive training, and learn to better serve their communities. We need these connections, and the Worship Institute provides that.”

Over the years, Annayiz has made many friends volunteering at ConVerge conferences and Immerse training camps.
“I love that The European Worship Institute is comprised of a diverse and international team,” she continues. “It is an image of the body of Christ, joining together to accomplish the work of the kingdom on earth. And it is beautiful.

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