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Meet Florian: a French worship leader you are strengthening!

From time to time, worship leaders reach out to us looking for encouragement and connection.

One of these, Florian Defernez of Reims, France, asked to meet next month.

I thought you would like to know his story…
Florian grew up on the French island of Martinique in the Caribbean and started studying music at the age of 13. He was writing songs one year later, and by age 16 he was leading worship. His passion for music and worship led him to major in music arranging and production at a university in Paris.

I first met Florian at ConVerge Paris in 2015. Not long after, he asked for my opinion on some worship songs he had written. Since then, Florian has pursued a relationship with me and members of my team, asking for advice, attending Immerse Worship Camp, and sharing his dream of a writing, recording and touring ministry.

Just last month, Florian shared with me some challenges he had gone through.
I could see that he was looking for advice, connection and encouragement, so I invited him to spend a day or two with our team in Brussels next month. He accepted the invite and is so excited to make the trip from Reims, France by bus and join us for a couple of days!

Leaders like Florian are SO needed in Europe! This is why we are there: to train, network and encourage leaders like Florian so they will stay the course and serve the European church.

Thank you for making this time of encouragement and connection with Florian possible!

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