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Meet Florian: A French Worship Leader You Are Strengthening

Florian Defernez was already an experienced worship leader and songwriter.

But the European Worship Institute training events that you made possible challenged him to new heights.

In his own words Florian said, “You challenged me to grow, inspired me to dream and encouraged me to push forward.”

Since his first EWI training event, Florian has recorded three worship albums, has plans to open a recording studio in Paris, and hopes to help train the next generation of worshippers.

All this, with help from you.

**A Multi-Cultural Life**
Raised on the French island of Martinique, Florian began studying music at the age of 13. Just three years later, he was leading worship in church.

His passion for music then took him to Paris where he enrolled in college and majored in music arranging and production.

Since then, Florian’s path has taken him from the suburbs of Paris to the West Indies, and from the United Kingdom back to France where he has recorded three albums.

“Thanks to my multi-cultural life, my musical style is very eclectic,” said Florian. “It ranges from reggae and country, blues and folk/indie all the way to alternative rock and gospel.”

But whatever style in which he’s writing and recording, the lyrics are always centered on God.

“I find my inspiration in the Bible, in nature and even in hard times like the recent pandemic,” he said.

Florian also finds inspiration at European Worship Institute training events like Immerse Worship Camp in Brussels, where he enjoys connecting with other leaders.

“These events motivate me to give the very best of myself to ministry,” he said. “I am challenged to grow, inspired to dream, and encouraged to keep pushing forward in my service to God.”

**And pushing forward he is.**
Florian plans to open a recording studio in Paris where he will write, record, and produce worship music. He also hopes to organize training workshops and masterclasses for worship teams, and to organize nights of prayer and worship.

“I would love to see nights of worship and prayer throughout Europe, where passionate worshipers from different churches and cultures assemble to worship God together,” he said.

**The French church needs gifted leaders like Florian.**
Thank you for making training events possible where leaders like Florian can be strengthened and encouraged.

You are changing Europe one leader at a time!

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