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Here’s what you are making possible in Belgium, Switzerland and The Netherlands …

Soon, I’ll board a plane to Brussels for several weeks of ministry in Belgium, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

Here’s some of what you are making possible during this trip:

Worship Training
* A Focus worship team training event for a church in Basel, Switzerland
* A ConVerge multi-church worship team training event in Brussels

Worship Leading
* Nights of Worship & Ministry at Brussels Christian Center, Continental Theological Seminary and Operation Mobilisation.
* Guest worship leading for Sunday Services at Brussels Christian Center and Credo Church in Amsterdam.

One-on-One Meetings With:
* Florian, a worship leader in France who is seeking connection.
* Gidion, with whom we are working to organize a worship training event in Antwerp, Belgium.
* Timo, a believer who owns a Belgian castle, a location we are considering using for training events.

We’re also trusting God to put those in our path who need encouragement, strengthening and more of Jesus!

Thank you for making these ministry opportunities possible and for praying for us on this trip!

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