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Femke Stroobant: From Burned-Out to On Fire!

Belgian worship leader Femke Stroobant was going through a difficult season and feeling burned out.

But then she attended a worship training event that you helped make possible.

Her story is like so many others in the European church – underscoring the need for strengthening and encouragement.

“I Held On to Worship.”
Femke attended music school as a child where she learned to play piano and sing. Her father, a worship leader, encouraged her to join him on worship teams at conferences and churches. She loved it and knew she had found her calling.

But earlier this year she went through a difficult season and started to feel burned out.
That’s when she learned about the ConVerge worship training event.

“Even though I was feeling burned out, I held onto worship and wanted to learn more,” she said. “I had never attended a worship conference and was excited to meet others.”

“God Is Still With Me.”
Femke remembers coming with an open heart and wanting to listen and learn. The teaching theme, ‘Same God’ really spoke to her.

“I was encouraged to hear about David, Mary, and Moses and how God worked through them in the valley and on the mountain,” she says. “I was going through a rough time. But I was reminded that God is still with me, forming me. And He still wants to use me.”

As a native Belgian, Femke has a heart for the national church and looks forward to seeing more training events in her country.

“You Need to Keep Investing in Our Nation!”
Unfortunately, there are very few opportunities for training worship leaders here, says David Vandeput, president of the Protestant Synod in Belgium.

“Your training events are the only ones that are organized on a regular basis,” he says. “You need to keep on investing in our nation … you’re making an impact !!!

Femke agrees.

“Worship leaders in Belgium need to connect with each other more often,” she says. “Training events like ConVerge give us an opportunity to do that. These events teach us other viewpoints, bring refreshing, and help us learn from each other – strengthening the Belgian church.”

You Are Making a Difference!
Training events in Belgium would not be possible without friends like you. Thank you for providing opportunities for leaders like Femke to be strengthened and connected.

You are making a difference!

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