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Because you gave, a German family experienced God on their vacation

At iYouth camp last summer, you helped change the lives of a German family on vacation.

I thought you would like to hear their story …

Dorothea and her family were spending their summer holidays at a camp facility in Neustadt, Germany where they could enjoy life in the quiet country setting.

When more than 80 iYouth Camp teenagers and counselors descended on the campground, Dorothea probably wondered how idyllic the rest of their vacation was going to be.

But I wish you could have seen the excitement on Dorothea’s face when she learned our group was there for a Christian youth camp!

We invited Dorothea to attend the services with her family. And on the first night, she came with her youngest son.

She had no idea that her family’s lives were about to be changed.
“The presence of God was so strong in the service that we didn’t want to leave,” she said. “My youngest son, Joshua, said, ‘I’ve never before felt God’s presence so strong!’

The next night she returned with her older children. They loved the service too.

God pushed the ‘reset’ button on my heart.
Dorothea shared that even though she and her family were believers, her husband struggles with alcohol addiction and her children were not growing spiritually.

‘“We were attending a lifeless church,” she said. “And the iYouth camp service was so full of life that it created a deep hunger in us for more,” she continued. “The services brought me out of spiritual stagnation and God pushed the ‘reset’ button on my heart. I am growing spiritually as never before and I have a new love for God’s word.”

After returning home to Berlin, Dorothea found a new church home where she can grow and serve, her older sons began to read their Bibles daily, and Dorothea’s husband is drinking less! She is believing God for his deliverance from alcohol.

Only God Knows…
Only God knows the eternal impact that iYouth camp made on this young German family.

A youth camp YOU helped make possible through your prayers and giving!

Thank you for that. God is using you to touch lives in Europe!

More lives will be transformed at iYouth Camp 2023 this summer – already scheduled for July!

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