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Over the last four decades the church has witnessed an amazing spiritual awakening in Africa, Asia and South America, spawning more conversions in the last 35 years than in the entire previous history of Christianity. Sadly, during the same time, the growth of Christianity in Europe has declined.

Once a vibrant missions-sending continent, today Europe has become a vast wasteland of secularism, agnosticism, atheism, and now, a growing seedbed for other faiths.

Europe is comparable to the Muslim world in terms of the percentage of born-again Christians. In fact, there are higher percentages of evangelical Christians in China, Nigeria and India, than in European countries like France or Spain. According to the missions book, ‘Operation World’, only 7 out of 1000 in France profess to be born again.

These statistics highlight the urgency for the spread of the gospel in Europe and its major cities and population centers.

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