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“More than 100 leaders from 15 churches and multiple denominations attended the first European Worship Institute event we hosted. These numbers are ground-breaking for Spain and show the hunger and need for this type of ministry!”

“I look forward to Immerse Worship Camp every year because I know my faith will be stretched and my passion for worship will be revived! And it feels great to experience this with leaders from different churches and backgrounds.”

“Morocco is a Muslim country, so there really aren’t development-type ministries here like the European Worship Institute. Since 2012, Jeff has brought teams to Morocco to train in multiple aspects of church worship: from how to lead a church service to songwriting to running sound. The teams are always gifted and do a fabulous job.”

“God created community and made it clear how important it is. The Worship Leader’s Mastermind led by Jeff has given me a new community with whom to share and learn. It is enriching to meet others who face the same struggles and have the same questions.”

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